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        • Name: TLR-017 for membrane
        • 产品编号: QP-QC-CP0037
        • Time: 2016-07-14
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        Key Features and Benefits

              Its active ingredients are CMIT/MIT (4~6:1) with the content of 14%It’s a kind of membrane process sterilization preservative. Broad spectrum, long-term, low toxicity, quickly kills several kinds of bacteria, algae, fungi and spore, low dose and environmental pollution. Widely used in water treatment of power plant, nuclear power plant, kerosene, textile industry such as membrane separation (anion exchange membrane, cation exchange membrane and reverse osmosis membrane, etc.) .

        Active Ingredient

        5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (CMIT)  

        Characteristic Properties


        Light yellow clear solution

        Active Content (%)


        Ratio of CMIT/MIT


        PH Value(@20℃):


        Specific Gravity (@20℃):


        Membrane damage material

        ≤500 ppm

        Storage and Package

                  25 kg or 250 kg plastic drum, 1000kg or 1250 kg IBC drum.

               Placement in transit shall handle with care, not to contact with reductive metals (Fe, Al etc.), nor with oxidative materials. Stored in original containers under appropriate storage conditions (below 40 ℃,cool ventilated place). Shelf life is 12 month.

        Use levels and Dosage

             Under normal use patterns, concentrations of 0.01-0.04% are sufficient in most applications. The actual dosage should be determined with the consideration of the season, environment, water source and the degree of microbial pollution, the preciselevel required by a specific formulation can be determined by the Dalian Xingyuan Chemistry technical team.


           Use of eye protection (goggles & face shield) and gauntlet-type gloves is required when handling this product, In case of eye or skin contact, despite precautionary measures, wash immediately and thoroughly with plenty of warm water and obtain medical attention.

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